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Questionnaire Scanning

scan questionnaireQuestionnaire Scanning is ideal for organisations who produce customer questionnaires and feedback forms and will monitor or analyse their completed results when they are returned.

For many situations these can be ideal to find out from your customers how a particular service can be improved and what impressions your customers may have of your company.

Pearl Scan can arrange collection and scanning of your customer feedback and questionnaire forms which saves carrying out the manual data entry exercise for your staff. This old, manual method can be very time consuming and costly, especially in the long term.


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Questionnaire Scanning ensures all the data is gathered quickly from your forms and is cost effectively using scanning software such as OCR, ICR and OMR which can recognise text characters, tick boxes, circled answers and crossed boxes.

The data from these completed forms is processed into our advanced data scanning systems and these results and statistics are output at the end with our reliable scanning staff double checking each field for excellent accuracy.

We can also arrange a personalised P.O Box for you if required where the questionnaires will be returned and we then take care of the questionnaire scanning at our scanning bureau. You will see a quick turnaround once the forms are electronically sent to you with full breakdown of statistics included if required.


Questionnaire Scanning - Helping companies increase efficiency

Data capture has been a popular tool for exams and betting slips over the years by scanning the data and reading the marks on each area of the form to accurately calculate the results. This forms capture process is now another step up again in terms of intelligence and includes reading text, selected fields and reading written data to an accurate level.

Marketing companies are already using these services to streamline the time spent on processing with these forms and therefore reducing their overall costs.

To get a quote or idea on costings for this service do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 832 7991 or get yourself a FREE questionnaire scanning quote.


questionnaire scanning

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